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Meet Your Farmers!

I'm Becca Rudebusch, a native of Northfield MN. I started farming because I didn't make the tennis team (well, that's the short answer). This led me to join an environmental coalition in college, through which I developed a deep passion for our environment. I soon learned that one of the biggest ways we interact with our environment is through agriculture: we all have to eat, that food has to be grown, and how it is grown impacts the soils in our communities. I naievely started a farm with no experience in 2010 with half an acre going to the farmers market and with five CSA members. Fifteen years later Seeds Farm is a thriving wholesale organic vegetable farm, growing 25 varieties of vegetables on 18 acres. My husband, Lee, joined the farm in 2023 after a decade of teaching high school chemistry and physics.


What keeps me excited about farming now is strong community and economies, healthy food, healthy ecosystems, ability to work physically outside, and creative problem solving. 


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